COSA 2016November 15 - 17, 2016 Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

Prof Wayne Tilley

Wayne Tilley’s research program is broadly focussed on hormonal carcinogenesis, with an emphasis on mechanisms of sex hormone signalling and the emergence of resistance to hormonal therapies used in the treatment of breast and prostate cancer. His laboratory has highlighted the critical role of the androgen receptor (AR) in driving prostate cancer, including evidence for oncogenic potential of the AR. He has pioneered research into understanding the pivotal role of the AR in counteracting the proliferative effects of estrogens in breast cancer. A major objective of his research is the development of novel treatments for castration resistant prostate cancer and specific subtypes of AR-positive breast cancer. More recently, his research has highlighted the importance of cross-talk between progesterone, androgen and estrogen receptors in breast cancer to modulate disease outcomes. He was the recipient of the University of Adelaide’s 2015 Executive Dean’s Award for Research Excellence and this year was awarded the Endocrine Society of Australia 2016 Senior Plenary Award in recognition of an outstanding research career in the field of Endocrinology. He convenes the International Breast and Prostate Cancer PacRim meeting series.